Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Medical Researcher Angela Gucwa

With a future as a surgeon who primarily specializes in vascular procedures, Angela Gucwa will be responsible for saving many lives. However, Angela Gucwa would like to shed light on the importance of medical research. Lives are not just saved on the operating table; rather, they are also saved in the laboratory and through years of extensive research in order to prevent disease and optimize procedures.
Angela Gucwa

Angela Gucwa has done extensive scientific research and writing in addition to her hands-on experience as a surgeon. Her publications include contributions to the American Journal of Surgery and Carbohydrate Research, as well as an appearance in the book ACS Surgery: Principles and Practices, both of which are highly regarded in the field. Topics that Angela Gucwa has written about include the following: PET/CT findings, virtual patient simulators, and breast procedures.

Spending some time on the research part of the field was very important to Angela Gucwa. While she is primarily a clinical surgeon, the amount of time that she has spent working with others in order to further the body of knowledge associated with procedures has been extremely rewarding and eye opening.

Angela Gucwa knows that the future of clinical procedures depends on the research that is completed today. The cutting edge processes that are currently going on in surgical rooms across the country are only possible due to the amount of research that has gone into them. Angela Gucwa feels that the time that she spent researching and collaborating with other surgeons and doctors in order to deepen understanding into important medical matters is a strong step forward for science and will pave the way for more complex and succinct patient care.

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