Friday, 21 March 2014

Angela Gucwa: Residency at the Medical College of Georgia

Angela Gucwa completed her surgical fellowship through the Greenville Health System, and will be starting as a vascular surgeon in June of 2014. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Georgia, and attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.

From there, Angela Gucwa began her residency at the Medical College of Georgia with Georgia Regents University. Angela Gucwa is currently completing her fellowship in the Greenville Health System.

It is a long and difficult journey to become a surgeon. However, Angela Gucwa knows that the journey is just beginning. Now that she is near completing her fellowship and will soon be accredited as a full surgeon, the stakes are higher than ever, as patients begin putting their lives in her hands. Despite the pressure, Angela Gucwa knows that the experience that she has gained from her fellowship through the Greenville Health System, as well as her prior education, will assist her in this process.

Angela Gucwa has wished to be a surgeon for a very long time. She is excited that 2014 will bring the fruition of her dreams and looks forward to helping thousands of patients throughout the length of her long career. “I’m really interested in experiencing the fast-paced world of medicine in a metropolitan center,” Angela Gucwa says. “I’ve practiced mostly in more suburban areas.”

With the completion of her fellowship fast approaching, Angela Gucwa believes she has cultivated the necessary skills to become a highly skilled and successful surgeon. “I’ve worked with immensely talented and well recognized doctors and that work has given me a real sense of confidence in my work as a surgeon.”

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